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Kitchen Design

Alder & Velour

This custom kitchen was designed to maximize functionality while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. The cabinetry features a mix of closed and open storage, with a custom-built island that provides additional workspace and storage. High-end appliances and finishes complete the space, making it both beautiful and practical.

Personalized Bar

This personalized bar was designed to meet the homeowner's specific needs and style preferences. Custom cabinetry provides ample storage for glassware, liquor, and bar tools, while the built-in wine cooler keeps bottles at the perfect temperature. The bar's design includes a mix of open and closed storage, with a stunning stone countertop and modern lighting to complete the look.

Bathroom furniture

At Alder & Velour, we offer custom bathroom furniture solutions that bring luxury and functionality to your daily routine. Our skilled artisans will work with you to create a personalized design that maximizes storage space and reflects your unique style. Choose Alder & Velour for a truly elevated bathroom experience.

Wardrobe Design

Alder & Velour

Alder & Velour offers custom wardrobe solutions that combine functionality with luxury. Our bespoke designs are tailored to your specific needs and style, maximizing your storage space and enhancing your living environment. Choose Alder & Velour for a luxurious and organized wardrobe solution.

We offer custom laundry solutions designed to streamline your daily routine and enhance your living space. Our bespoke designs are tailored to your specific needs, maximizing storage space and providing a functional and organized laundry area. Choose Alder & Velour for a truly customized laundry solution that simplifies your life.


Alder & Velour

Functional Office Desk and Built-ins

This functional office space features a custom-built desk and built-ins that provide ample storage and workspace. The cabinetry includes a mix of open and closed storage, with sleek finishes and modern lighting that make the space both beautiful and practical. The desk is designed to meet the specific needs of the homeowner, with plenty of workspace and storage for supplies and equipment.

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